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Deli concrete floor

Vexcon’s Certi-Shine is the brand that all others are measured against. From developing the latest product innovations to educating and certifying the best contractors, Certi-Shine delivers the highest performing and best looking polished concrete floors.

When you specify or install a Certi-Shine floor, the choices are endless:

See more about how you can specify a Certi-Shine floor here.

Designers and architects specify Certi-Shine floors for their quality and range of finishes. They rely on our nationwide network of trusted, trained and certified artisans, who use single source, consistent, best of class products.

Certi-Shine floors represent long term value. Their initial cost per square metre is economical, and they require next to no maintenance. They’re resistant to chemical, oil and food stains.

With zero VOCs, LEED points, low life cycle points and even the power savings afforded by increased light reflectivity, Certi-Shine floors wear their green credentials proudly.

Certi-Shine floors are the safe choice. They provide a wear-resistant, non-slip shine and are backed by a performance warranty.

Choose your options for a Certi-Shine floor here, then send us a quote request. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 02 8338 0000 or drop us a note.


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