Terrco® concrete floor grinders, polishers and edgers

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Find a floor grinder, polisher or edger that suits your needs. We supply tradespeople from around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We also provide training to help you achieve professional finishes from the day you take delivery.

  1. 301


    Single phase, twin head

    A great machine for domestic and small industrial floors.

    Can also be used for floor prep, glue removal and grout removal.

    The Terrco® 301 is the most robust single phase machine in the world.

    Feature Value
    Motor 3 hp, 10–15 amp
    Width 710 mm
    Water tank 25 litres
    Abrasive pressure 200 kg
    Nett weight 355 kg
    Disk speed 360 rpm
  2. 701 S variable speed

    701 S variable speed

    3 Phase, variable speed, twin head

    The fastest twin head for commercial and domestic floors.

    The 701 S is optimal for jobs of up to 450 square metres.

    Feature Value
    Motor 3 phase, 7.5 hp
    Diamond pressure 200 kg
    Speed Standard 390, variable 390–585
    Weight 360 kg
    Width 692 mm
  3. 3100 SP

    3100 SP

    Three phase, four header

    Biggest selling large concrete polishing machine in the world

    The 3100 SP is best for jobs over 1000 square metres. It can also be used for small 60 m2 jobs where you want to do the job in a quarter of the time.

    With its four heads rotating in alternately opposite directions, the 3100 SP can easily be manoeuvered by a single person, despite its weight and size.

    Feature Value
    Motor 3 phase, 25 hp, 32 amp
    Set-up Wet or dry
    Width 780 mm
    Water tank 90 litres
    Abrasive pressure 495 kg
    Nett weight 650 kg
  4. 3100 SPV Self Drive

    3100 SPV Self Drive

    Three phase, four header

    The fastest four header

    The self-propelled 3100 SPV is best for larger jobs, over 300 square metres.

    Despite its weight and size, a single person can manoeuvre it easily.

    Opposite rotating grinders in the head mean that the operator doesn’t fight the machine.

    ‘Cuts floors faster and flatter than any other machine out there, mate’ says Ivan.

    Feature Value
    Motor 3 phase, 25 hp, 32 amp
    Set-up Wet or dry
    Width 780 mm
    Water tank 90 litres
    Abrasive pressure 495 kg
    Nett weight 650 kg
  5. 6200 Self Drive

    6200 Self Drive

    3 phase

    ‘If you’re operating this machine,’ says Ivan, ‘you have arrived, mate.’

    The fastest concrete polishing machine in the world for those big jobs

    Optimal for jobs exceeding 1000 square meters.

    So easy to use: turn on the machine and just guide it along. The Terrco® 6200’s opposite rotating heads make it easy to manoeuvre. One person can operate it.

    • Stainless steel guards with four vac ports
    • Handle separates from gear case to allow both handle and gear case to fit through a 91.5 cm door
    • Ten pocket weights to control grinding pressure
    • Uses plug stone shape, bolt on or speed shift system
    Feature Value
    Motor 3 phase, 40 hp, 46 amp
    Power 40 hp (30 kw)
    Drive Variable
    Set-up Dry
    Width 1400 mm
    Length 2032 mm
    Height 1372 mm
    Abrasive pressure 855 kg
    Nett weight 1043 kg
    Cord 30.5 m
  6. Edger


    Single phase

    Save time and your body with this compact, rugged, walk-behind edger.

    • Easily set how close the cup wheel comes to the wall with a free-moving guard with adjustable roller guides.
    • Control height with the easily adjustable wheel, to set the grinding wheel square to the floor.
    • Get into tight areas with the moveable arm.
    • Rubber tired roller-bearing wheels.
    Feature Value
    Motor 3 hp single speed, magnetic start
    Set-up wet or dry
    Width 406 mm
    Nett weight 104 kg
    Water tank 26.5 l
    Grinding wheel speed 1,760 rpm
    Abrasive pressure 20.4 kg

    The edger guard accommodates 180 mm (7 inch) diamond cup wheels or polishing pads. Compatible with cup wheels or pads with ⅝–11 threading from most manufacturers. Terrco® made plates also allow 3 inch diamond tooling. Change grinding wheels with a spanner.