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Multi-Clean Ultra-Stripper is the only certified green stripper in the world. It strips faster and more safely than any other product available in Australia.

Ultra-Stripper is a concentrate, and needs water to activate it.

To remove Multi-Clean sealers, we add 20% water to the Ultra-Stripper concentrate.

To remove other local sealers, add up to 30% water.


Protect all painted surfaces with plastic. Wear non-slip gumboots and protective clothing.

Apply stripper to the surface and give it a light scrub, using a Polivac scrubber fitted with a black scrubbing pad. Leave on surface for 25 minutes to react.

If the sealer is low grade, Ultra-Stripper will go white within 5 to 10 minutes.

Multi-Clean Ultra-Stripper will not dry out even if you leave it on the surface for an hour.

Pour some water onto the surface, then scrub and vacuum the existing sealer off. Rinse the floor.

Job done, quickly and safely.


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