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Vexcon StarSeal densifiers (hardeners) and sealers

##StarSeal PS (link: /finishes/densification text: densifier)
(concrete hardener) StarSeal is a high solids potassium silicate (link: /finishes/densification text: densifier) that enhances the appearance, and increases the durability and life of concrete. StarSeal is the only Fire Safe compliant (link: /finishes/densification text: densifier [concrete hardener]). ###StarSeal PS Clear hardens concrete and enhances its appearance (image: eco.png class: alignright alt: Eco friendly zero VOCs Leed points graphic) * Superior hardening, abrasion resistance and dust-proofing * Delivers more silicate (18% active material) to the floor * Indefinite wear resistance * Immediate shine * Fast, easy to use, no scrubbing * Low cost per m2 * Eco friendly * Suitable for interior and exterior use. **Note:** Gloss levels will vary from slab to slab. ###Maintenance All flooring needs maintenance. Polished concrete, stone and tiles are no exception. For a floor treated with StarSeal PS, download the Maintenance for StarSeal PS instruction sheet. ##StarSeal PS FSR is food and stain resistant {.starsection} For extra protection in food areas or rest rooms. Provides the longest lasting non film forming (link: finishes/densification#starsealpsfsr text: stain protection and enhanced shine to densified/hardened) and polished natural and colored concrete floors. Significantly increases the glossiness and coefficient of friction of the treated floor. Since there is no wax or coating to wear off, the StarSeal PS Finish Coat Ultra FSR system, when properly installed, will not require reapplication — saving down time, labor and material costs. * Excellent food and chemical stain protection * Long lasting: no film to wear through * Increased gloss and clarity * Plugs micro-pores to provide stain protection * Intensifies coloured floors * Performance warranty * Very low maintenance **Note:** Gloss levels will vary from slab to slab. ##StarSeal PS Ultra Stain colours concrete {.starsection} StarSeal PS Ultra Stain is available in a range of standard colours. Custom colours may also be commissioned. ##StarSeal Fusion repairs concrete {.starsection} Invisible surface repair treatment that improves the appearance, gloss and clarity of concrete * Fills cracks, pin holes, pop-outs, spalls and divots * Maintains same appearance — blends into the existing concrete colour ##StarSeal EF {.starsection .starsealblue #ef} StarSeal EF is an impregnated matt finish sealer for concrete that complies with the international ‘green & fire safe’ standard. It is suitable for internal and external use where a matt, natural looking concrete finish is required on floors, walls or ceilings. Starseal EF is different from other impregnated sealers in that it reacts with the concrete to make it stain-proof. It is also more durable. Other impregnated sealers are, in most cases, bead forming. However, Vexcon’s breathable technology allows moisture vapor to pass through rather than becoming trapped, preventing whitening, pealing and flaking. ###Maintenance All flooring needs maintenance. Polished concrete, stone and tiles are no exception. For a floor treated with StarSeal EF, download the Maintenance for StarSeal EF instruction sheet. ##Enquiries {.starsection} To learn more about the StarSeal system and how it can be used in your project, phone (tel: +61283380000 text: 02 8338 0000 class: phone) or (link: contact/enquiries text: drop us a note).

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