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What is polished concrete?

Polished Concrete is one of the most durable finishes in the construction industry, and has high thermal capacity. A concrete slab warmed by the sun retains heat longer than any other material.

Commissioning a polished concrete floor involves specifying some key features.

Firstly, the colour of the concrete.

Changing concrete colour from standard grey involves either:

The next feature to specify is the level of aggregate exposure — along with the colour and size of the stones in the concrete.

There are three levels of exposure:

Three finishes
From left to right, non-exposed, partially exposed and fully exposed finishes

You can see examples of the different finishes in our photo galleries. Our photos are of real floors in locations around Australia.

Polishing concrete is like polishing a timber floor. It involves grinding back the surface, using ever finer grinders, while also adding compounds to the surface. This improves the durability of the concrete, enhances its appearance or makes it impervious to liquids or stains.

Two systems are commonly used to polish concrete.

Different levels of gloss may be specified, including an absolute matt finish.

As with all systems, there are many variations of each.

We use the Vexcon densification system, which is regarded as the best certified green, and only certified fire safe, system in the world.

Both Certi-Shine and Starseal PS densifiers comply with these standards. Vexcon are the leaders in concrete technology and have been making quality concrete products for more than five decades.

Our Multi-Clean sealing system for internal floors is regarded as the best. Multi-Clean are the largest green sealer manufacturer and have been in business since 1946.

Where to start

The first step is to decide what finish you would like, from the choices mentioned above.

The next step is to select a quality concreter to place the concrete correctly so that you can achieve the end result you desire. All slabs are unique to their locations.

Existing slabs, not originally poured for polished concrete, may also be polished to an industrial finish, using either system.

A visit our showroom in Botany will definitely help you with decisions.

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