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Sealing polished concrete

A standard grey high gloss non-exposed floor on the Northern Beaches, using the Multi-Clean sealing system. Recipe: 3 coats LD1000, 3 coats StainLess and 4 coats Premier

Sealers, or finishers, are designed to protect concrete from wear, damage and degraded appearance.

Raw concrete is porous, which means that water and chemicals can get in. Once they do, they can cause damage in different ways:

Sealers protect concrete by either:

Each of these sealer types have their benefits.

Ask us for advice on the best solution for your project.

The Multi-Clean sealing system

Sealers for interior use, with a P2 slip rating*

Low sheen ‘wax’ look

  1. Apply 4 coats Multi-Clean LD-1000. Do not buff.

  2. To add extra durability, apply 2 coats Multi-Clean Multi-Matte on top of the LD-1000. Do not buff.

Matte finish for high traffic environments, with low odour

Multi-Matte is a low gloss sealer/finish perfect for floors in healthcare facilities — especially in areas housing dementia and/or alzheimer patients. It has an optimum combination of high performance polymers with additives that do not produce the unpleasant odours associated with application of traditional floor finishes.

Particularly recommended for healthcare facilities with patients or staff who are sensitive to odours from traditional floor finishes.

For best results:

  1. Strip floors completely of existing finish.
  2. Apply one coat of LD-1000 as primer
  3. Apply 2 coats of Multi-Matte.

For slightly more shine, apply a third coat.

High gloss finish

For durable, stain proof floors with lower maintenance, follow these steps:

  1. Apply 4 coats Multi-Clean LD-1000, buffing each coat with champagne pad.

  2. Apply 4 coats Multi-Clean StainLess, buffing each coat with champagne pad.

  3. Apply 4 coats Multi-Clean Premier. Buff each coat with blue pad.


Slip Rating: The slip rating is directly linked to the ongoing maintenance of the floor.

Sealing: Each coat needs to be dry before the next coat is applied.

Use Poly-Cotton mop or Padco Nano applicator and light Padco T bar.

Clean and dry all surfaces before applying the sealer.

Commercial dust proofing

Can be applied to factory floors to stop dusting.

Apply 3 to 4 coats Multi-Clean LD-1000. Do not buff.

Impregnated sealer for interior and exterior use: StarSeal EF

The StarSeal EF impregnated sealer can be used both inside and outside.

Matte finish

StarSeal EF Weather & Stain Guard is a reactive impregnated sealer that produces an absolute matte finish.

Epoxy (topical) sealing

We are agents for Hychem epoxy sealers.


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