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The Terrco® story

Peter Venella founded the Terrazzo Machine and Supply Company Inc in 1936. The company has stayed in the family ever since, changing its name to Terrco® Inc and moving to its current home in Watertown, South Dakota.

Terrco® has a proud history of providing the most rugged and efficient grinding/polishing equipment available. Its business has expanded to include all aspects of surface preparation: grinding, polishing, densifying, dyeing and sealing concrete and stone floors.

Terrco® machines cut the flattest floors. They are also the fastest, most durable machines in the world, with the lowest maintenance costs. Many Terrco® machines are still working twenty, forty and sixty years on.

If you are serious about polishing concrete or other hard surfaces, buy a Terrco® for lifetime profits.

IBS, Terrco’s Australian and New Zealand agents, have been in business since 1984. They are the leaders in polished concrete and polished stone technology.

The first Terrco® floor grinder [Photo courtesy Terrco® Inc]

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