Industrial vacuums for floor polishers

  1. Italian dry vac

    Italian dry vac

    The Italian dry vac is built to deal with large quantities of dust. Its HEPA filtration traps fine particles, and its automatic filter cleaning keeps you productive and the suction strong. Order from our Sydney warehouse.

    Feature Value
    Motor 3600 W
    Filter H class
    Air flow rate 510 m3/h
    Depression 240 mBar
    Capacity 50 litres dust catchment bin
    Weight 65 kg
    Size 60 cm W x 80 cm L x 118 cm H
  2. Wet vac

    Wet vac

    Wet Vac = Best Quality

    The most  robust  wet vac, fitted with Ametek motors.

    Standard fittings include:

    • 40 mm diameter hose
    • Wand
    • Dry floor tool
    • Squeegee tool
    • Crevice tool
    • Dusting brush
    Feature Value
    Motor 2 kW
    Air flow rate 120 litres/s
    Depression 250 mBar
    Capacity 90 litres
    Cooling mode Circulating
    Height 920 mm
    Tank diameter 440 mm
    Power cord 80 m