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Concrete Densification (hardening)

Polished concrete floors

A concrete densifier, or hardener, gives you extra tough, durable floors.

For a low maintenance floor, use the StarSeal PS densifier/concrete hardener.

A densifier, once applied, reacts with the concrete overnight to produce a hard surface.

You then hone it to the desired level of sheen.

The final step is to burnish with a special IBS hardener pad, using a gas burnisher. (IBS hardener pads are also used for ongoing maintenance.)

You can also stain-proof a floor by using StarSeal PS FSR.

Both StarSeal PS and StarSeal PS FSR are suitable for:

The StarSeal PS advantage

Vexcon’s StarSeal PS is a premium, chemically modified silicate-blended liquid floor-hardening, densifying and dust-proofing solution for long-term sealing and protection of concrete. StarSeal PS Permanent Sealer greatly enhances concrete’s performance, strength and beauty with a permanent, maintenance-free shine that is immediately resistant to wear. With decades of proven performance inside and outside, on millions of square meters, StarSeal PS is the clear choice for permanent sealing, protection and style.

StarSeal PS comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty*.

Polished floor
Permanent shine with StarSeal PS

StarSeal PS Benefits

Starseal PS penetration compared to competitor
StarSeal PS [left], with its smaller molecules, penetrates more quickly, deeply and effectively, with minimal waste.

StarSeal PS is manufactured by Vexcon, regarded as the leaders in concrete technology.


For food areas, StarSeal PS FSR

For extra protection in food areas or rest rooms we recommend StarSeal PS FSR.

StarSeal PS FSR is the only ‘food stain resistant’ system that has no sealer on the surface.

StarSeal PS FSR colour floors are stain-proof .

StarSeal PS Ultra Stain colour hardener

Light grey swatch
Chocolate swatch
Brown-green swatch
Brownstone swatch
Slate grey swatch
Black swatch
Midnight Black
Wine red swatch
Jade green swatch
Terracotta swatch
Yellow-green swatch
Lemon Lime

Notes on Colour:

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*Warranty linked to compliance with a program of maintenance.


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