Polivac Machines

  1. Polivac SV 25 rotary sander

    Polivac SV 25 rotary sander

    When you want cost-effective vacuum sanding, you can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the Polivac SV 25.

    These are three machines in one: vacuum sander, scrubber and stripper. Turn the vacuum off and you can use the SV 25 as a scrubber or stripper.

    The SV 25 comes with all the accessories you need to start work and the power needed for the rigorous demands of floor sanding.

    The patented offset motor counterbalances the SV 25’s starting torque, providing an operator with an easy-to-use, well balanced machine that can be used for prolonged periods without fatigue. The contoured handles are height adjustable with safety triggers.

    The floating skirt assembly traps dust and, thanks to a powerful vacuum motor and large capacity collector bag, eliminates the need for secondary vacuuming.

    Australian designed and built.

    Feature Value
    Motor 1.1 kw (1.48hp), 4 pole, 7 amps
    Drive ‘Polidrive’ gearbox: single reduction helical gears, with deep-grooved ballraces, sealed and oil-filled. Exclusive two year ‘Polidrive’ warranty
    Drive pad speed 192 rpm
    Drive pad size 40 cm (15.7″)
    Vacuum 300 watt long life motor with replaceable fan blades and large capacity collection bag
    Handle Fully height adjustable
    Lead 15 metre, heavy-duty, flexible, safety rubber
    Body Aluminium alloy
    Finish Industrial enamel and powder-coating

    Machine: 38 kg
    Pad holder: 4 kg
    Handle: 7 kg
    Total: 49 kg

    Warranty Two years on motor and gearbox, one year on parts
    Download Polivac SV25 brochure
  2. Polivac 1700E 40 cm auto scrubber

    Polivac 1700E 40 cm auto scrubber

    When you want to get through 750 square metres per hour, you can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the all Australian 1700E auto scrubber.

    Perfect for basketball courts and gyms, building sites, factories, foyers, offices, retail areas, schools, hospitals and wet areas including pools and bathrooms. For concrete, marble, polished concrete, terrazzo, timber and vinyl.

    The 1700E lays the scrubbing solution, scrubs and collects the dirty liquid — all in one pass. Its powerful vacuum system and flexible squeegee leaves the floor almost totally dry, and works in a forward or reverse direction. The squeegee blades cartridge is easily replaced in under two minutes.

    It is highly manoeuvrable, able to turn 360º in a one metre circle.

    Controls are easy to use for long periods. The tanks are rotationally moulded for durability, and the gearbox is oil filled with brass helical gears and deep grooved ball races for quiet, positive power. It is also sealed against contamination from water and chemicals. An easy release system makes changing brushes and pads a breeze.

    Feature Value
    Motor 550 watt, 4 pole, capacitor start
    Brush speed 192 rpm
    Propulsion Self-propelled
    Vacuum 1100 watt, 2 stage, bypass, automatic actuating electric motor
    Solution control Adjustable flow variable control with flow control on handle
    Tanks Polypropylene with clear lids
    Solution tank capacity 20 litres
    Recovery tank capacity 20 litres
    Lead 15 metre, heavy-duty, flexible, safety rubber
    Weight 48 kg
    Warranty Two years on motor, one year on parts, ten years on tanks
    Download Polivac 1700E scrubber brochure
  3. Polivac 20″ Gas Burnisher

    Polivac 20″ Gas Burnisher

    When you want 1,900 square meters per hour straight line gas burnishing, you can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the Polivac 20″ Gas burnisher.

    All Australian made, the Gas 20″ has been designed specifically for Australian operating conditions. It is compact, high speed and balanced for ease of operation, punching above others in its class.

    Three motor options are available:

    • Honda 9.69 kw (13 hp)
    • Honda 11.19 kw (15 hp) V-twin
    • Kawasaki 11.19 kw (15 hp) V-twin

    The Gas 20″ closed loop engine emissions technology relies on the steady delivery of fuel to minimise carbon monoxide (CO) emissions and maintain them at safe levels, well below Safe Work Australia’s 30 ppm workplace exposure standard.

    Built to last, the Gas 20″ has a powder coated steel base for maximum strength and minimum cleaning. Easy access to the belt and drive system makes maintenance and service straightforward, minimising costly downtime.

    Feature Value
    Motor Petrol (3 options)
    Pad speed 2500 rpm
    Weight 95 kg
    Drive Belt
    Vacuum Single stage, active centrifugal with metal impeller
    Battery type 12 volt, 20 amp-hour, gel, sealed
    Gas bottle 9 kg (optional extra)
    Noise 89 db
    Start Electric
    Finish Industrial enamel and powder-coated
    Warranty One year on motor and parts
    Download Polivac 20 Gas Burnisher brochure
  4. Polivac Dominator suction burnisher

    Polivac Dominator suction burnisher

    For fast set, full gloss, ‘wet look’ floors, rely on the legendary long life of Polivac Dominator and Stingray ultra high speed straight line burnishers.

    Great for schools, hospitals, basketball courts, offices, building sites and retail areas. Recommended surfaces include polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, timber and vinyl floors.

    • The Dominator is designed for small areas, quietly and smoothly delivering speed and power for tricky jobs.
    • The Stingray, with its 50 cm pad, is ideal for larger areas.

    Both machines have flexible pad holders that follow the contours of floors, ensuring that they are highly polished and dust free.

    We call our vacuum system ‘TDC’, or Total Dust Control: a fast set and highly efficient dust removal in a single pass.

    Both machines are light weight and well balanced, with adjustable handles, ergonomic hand grips and ‘safety button’ triggers. They’re designed to be simple and easy to service, with easy to clean, durable, powder coated bases and heavy duty non-marking bumpers and skirts.

    Dominator Specifications

    Feature Value
    Motor CMG 1.6 kw (2.1 hp), 9.9 amps
    Vacuum Single stage, active centrifugal
    Drive system Belt
    Pad speed 1700 rpm
    Pad pressure 10 kg
    Pad size 40 cm
    Handle Fully height adjustable
    Lead 15 metre, heavy-duty, flexible, safety rubber
    without handle
    70 cm L x 50 cm W x 40 cm H
    Handle 155 cm L x 44.5 cm W x 10 cm H
    Finish Industrial enamel and powder-coating
    Weight 42 kg
    Warranty Two years on motor, one year on parts
    Download Polivac Dominator and Stingray brochure
  5. Polivac Stingray suction burnisher

    Polivac Stingray suction burnisher

    While sharing a number of common features with the Polivac Dominator (above), the Stingray is a slightly larger machine with a 50 cm pad for more extensive floor areas.

    The following specs differ from those of the Dominator:

    Feature Value
    Pad speed 1500 rpm
    Pad size 50 cm
    without handle
    86 cm L x 60 cm W x 39 cm H
    Handle 117.5 cm L x 44.5 cm W x 10 cm H
    Weight 46 kg
    Download Polivac Stingray and Dominator brochure